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About Conference

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About the conference Digital Entrepreneurship creating new ventures or transforming existing business by new digital technologies and processes. Digital Enterprises are characterized by a high strength of use of new digital technologies (particularly social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions) to improve business operations, invent new (digital) business models, sharpen business intelligence, and engage with customers and stakeholders through new (digital) channels. Consequently, we are in an era where initiatives across the globe to foster the acceleration of digital entrepreneurial activity related with the creation and development of "digital start-ups", and more recently with their growth to scaling-up phases is on its peak. The right Platform with the right process and people mix coupled with right technology is the mantra for success. The conference theme was chosen after due deliberation from experts and after the first successful completion of Digital Entrepreneurship conference in April 2018 which culminated with the idea of promoting the theme every year by providing the platform for young entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers.

Conference Theme
This conference intends to supplement the research and practice prospects on issues related to Platform, Process, People and Technology related to digital entrepreneur across the world. The conference proposes to bring leading entrepreneurship thinkers, researchers and practitioners across the world for two days of presentations and dialogue. Acknowledging the fact that the world is moving towards digital start-ups this time our focus will be on the discussions on the choice of platform, the processes involved, people issues coupled with all pervasive technological issues. The insights and analysis presented in this conference are expected to provide guidance for future deliberations and set the agenda for digital entrepreneurship research, enterprise development, and policy formulation in this domain.

Conference Objectives
Objectives of this conference are to :
  • Provide a platform for diverse range of leading stakeholders to present their vision, research results, experiences and opinions.
  • Create an international community for digital entrepreneurship research to understand: what works where, when, how and why, and what does not ?
  • Link entrepreneurship with sustainability and understand if and how sustainable entrepreneurial practices and processes can find a place in this new digital landscape
  • Produce policy, program, and institutional recommendations which will encourage innovations in digital entrepreneurial research and practice.
  • Disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible among communities of academic researchers and entrepreneurs globally.

Call for Papers

Academicians, thought leaders, policy-makers, entrepreneurs and research scholars, students, practitioners and social activists from all around the globe are invited to submit their papers, posters, case studies, and success stories and stories of firsthand entrepreneurial experience. Those who wish to make presentations related to the conference theme are also welcome. Presenters are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts and paradigms for discussions. Papers and case studies should be based on original, recent research. The posters presenters should present their research ideas, propositions or ongoing projects in digital entrepreneurship. The papers should address the conference theme as well as the following subthemes. Limited number of scholarships (Travel Grants and Fee Wavers) are available for research scholars and students.

Delegates are invited to present papers, cases, and experiences under the following broad subareas:

  • Emerging Digital Platforms and New Digital Business Ecosystems
  • Digital Technology Platforms the Vehicle for Delivery of Customer Centric Services
  • Blockchain the Secured Application Platform for Disintermediation and Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Abuse (Security, Thefts and Crimes) of Common Digital Service Platforms
  • Others....
  • Disruptive Digital Processes and Apps that are Changing the Business Ecosystems
  • Intelligent Digital Process Automation and Business Value Chain Transformation
  • Digital Process Innovation Changing the Paradigms of New Products and Service Development,
  • Maturing Low Cost and Effective Digital Processes and Business Solutions for MSME Sectors
  • Others....
  • Impact of Digitalization on Work Culture, Education, Employment and Consumer Behaviour.
  • Skill Requirements, Product Lifecycle Approaches and Management Practices of Digital Age
  • Social Security, Privacy and other Punitive Measures for Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship.
  • Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Prevention of Abuse of AI and New Digital Technology
  • Others....
  • New Digital Technologies and Emerging Disruptive Entrepreneurs
  • AI, Cloud, Robotics and Data Analytics the New Enablers of Product and Service Innovation
  • Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Changing Paradigms of Digital Entrepreneurship
  • 3D Technology, 5G Networks and Internet of Every Things (IOE) – New Opportunities & Challenges
  • Others....
Full paper Submission Guidelines:
  • Length of an abstract should not exceed the limit of 800 - 1000 words.
  • Paper abstract should be in Times New Roman font with font size 12, clearly mentioning Name of author(s), Title of paper, affiliated organization, Contact number & Email ID of authors. Key words of the article should be given.
  • Referencing should strictly be as per APA guidelines.
  • All submission are to be presented formally by the authors. Each Presenter will be given 15 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Conference language is English.
  • For the abstract/full paper to be included in the proceedings, at least one author must register. In case of joint authorship, if more than one author wishes to attend the conference then each author must register independently.
  • The abstract (only if registered) will form part of the proceedings
  • Selected papers will be reviewed by a panel for publication in the selected volume.
Publication of Full Papers
All selected papers will be published in an edited volume titled by a credible International Publisher with ISBN and will be released during the Inaugural Session of the conference.
Publication Partners
Selected Papers will go the special volume of Journal:
  • 1. International Journal of Business and Globalisation, ISSN online , 1753-3635, ISSN print 1753-3627, SCOPUS and ABDC Listed .
  • 2. International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism, Malaysia
  • 3. Global Journal of Enterprise Information System, India.
Best Paper Award
Full paper submitted and presented at the conference will be consider for Best Paper award in each category (Academician, Research Scholar, Corporates, Practitioners and Start-ups) will receive cash prize of ₹ 10,000. All paper presenters will receive ‘Certificate of Participation’.

The criteria for selection of the Best Paper Award will include the parameters like:
  • Originality of Research;
  • Quality of Discussions;
  • Impact of the Study;
  • Presentation Skills;

Timeline and Registration

Time Line

Full Paper Submission Date December 20, 2018

Review Comments January 10, 2019

Final Submission Date January 20, 2019. 

Papers to be sent:[email protected]

Registration Fee

Foreign Delegates/ Academicians USD 350

Foreign Research Scholars/ Students USD 250

Indian Corporate Delegates ₹ 5000

Indian Academicians ₹ 2500

Indian Research Scholars ₹ 1500

Indian Students ₹ 1000.

Registration Last Date for Papers to be included in the Proceedings: November 20, 2018
PS: Papers submitted after the timelines will not be considered for publication. 

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ICDE 2018 Highlights

The theme of 1st International Conference was “Digital Entrepreneurship: Prospects, Perils, Dividends and Challenges” with many sub-themes. The Conference was graced by sixteen national and international speakers who are truly global leaders of ‘Digital Entrepreneurship’. Eleven speakers were from industry who are the CEOs, Founders and world leaders of digital enterprises. The rest were from world class academic institutions who are consultants, incubators, mentors and thought leaders of “digital Entrepreneurship, and some of them are even listed in the list of world‘s ‘Who‘s Who‘.
The conference started with a bang, when the Conference Dias was graced by three eminent world leaders of ‘Digital Entrepreneurship ’: the Chief Guest, Mr. Amit Shah, Sr. President of Yes Bank, Mumbai, Keynote Speaker, Dr. Subhro Sen, Director, School of Entrepreneurship & Management, Shiv Nadar University, Noida and the Co-Chair of the conference, Dr. Naresh Kumar, Head of Research, Global Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation Centre, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan along with the Conference Chair, Dr. Swapan Kumar Majumdar, Pro-Chancellor, Dr. Vijayan Immanuel, and other dignitaries of Presidency University, Bangalore. After two days deliberations it ended with rich international flovour and spirit in terms of content and construct. The closing ceremony was chaired by Mr. Vinshnu Vardhan, General Manager, Bombay Stock Exchange, the prime sponsor of the Conference.

He beauty of the conference was its thoughtful construct of four plenary debate sessions like:
  • (1)‘Digital Entrepreneurship, the New Vista of Doing Business in the Digital Era’,
  • (2) ‘Emerging Technologies, Platforms, Processes, and Business Models of Digital Entrepreneurialism’,
  • (3) ‘Ideate, Innovate and Harness the Dividends of Digital Entrepreneurship’, and
  • (4) ‘Policies and Frameworks for Inclusivity, Sustainability, Safety and Security of Digital Enterprises’.
Over and above there were four paper presentation tracks, where thirty one research scholars and academicians presented their research findings and one track for bidding entrepreneurs to participate in poster presentation contest. The conference received high appreciation from all corners ‾ be it participants, students, speakers or critics.

The keys of success of this conference were lean planning, rigorous research about the sub-themes and finding matching speakers, dynamic scheduling and the flawless execution of each session and convincing five hundred plus young hearts, industry delegates, and faculty members to attend the conference. The major highlights of the conference were:

  • The thought provoking speech of the keynote speaker, Dr. Subhro Sen, about the prospects of Digital Entrepreneurship and its impact on humanity with vivid visuals engaged, enlightened, inspired and mesmerized the audience. Dr. Sen cited his own 30 years of experience in digital entrepreneurship and researcher before becoming an academic and predicted that digital entrepreneurship is about to transform every fabric of our modern life and livelihood. He emphatically mentioned that “There is no Business without Digital Business”, Dr. Sen also mentioned that the right students of Presidency University are welcomed to avail the Incubation and Innovation facility of Shiv Nader University. Mr. Amit Shah‘s narratives and examples of Yes Bank‘s success from a startup to a global digital bank demonstrated the transformative potent and job creation potentials of digital entrepreneurship.
  • The first panel discussion of Day 1 was chaired initially by Dr. Subhro Sen and subsequently by Dr. Kamal Kishore Sharma, Startup Mentor and Academician turned Serial Digital Entrepreneur. The other members of the panel were two successful startup Digital Entrepreneurs of Bengaluru, Mr. Anil Naabhyya and Mr. Schin Anchan. Panel discussion revealed that all the young achievers were motivated to do something different while completing their college education. Anil mentioned the pains and pleasure of learning in doing new things, while Sachin was on the opinion that innovation and determination are the keys of success.
  • The first plenary session of Day 2 was chaired by Dr. Alokenath De, the Country Head of Samsung, and the other panelist were Ms Ulla Kovikoski, Head India Operations of Avanto Ventures, Finland, Mr. K. Rajagopal, CEO & Co-Founder of Machine Operation Monitoring, Bangalore, Ms. Gita Chengappa, General Manager of TREC ‾ STEP, Chennai, Mr. Krupesh Bhat, CEO and Founder of Ms Ulla expressed that Indian young entrepreneurs has great potential, they need to be flexible and continuous learner. Success requires perseverance, support and guidance and un-put-down-able attitude. Mr. Rajagopal shared his story and redefined definition of entrepreneurship. Mr. Krupesh Bhat shared his US and India experience and concluded that Bangalore has the best digital ecosystem to support digital entrepreneurship. Ms. Chengappa stressed the need for incubation center, where the young talents need to be nurtured before they can bear fruits. Dr. De narrated his personal experience in mentoring and nurturing young talents as an organizational policy of Samsung. The key takeaway of this session is that entrepreneurial journey is full of twists and turns. It requires support to flourish and supports are available, but one has to discover how to avail the necessary support.
  • The second plenary session of Day 2 was facilitated by Dr. Kamal Kishore Sharma, Startup Mentor and Academician turned Serial Digital Entrepreneur. The other panelist were Mr. Pankit Desai, Founder and Co-CEO of, Mumbai and Mr. Murthy, D.H.R, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Presidency University. The session revealed that the Cybersecurity is an area of concern as well as an opportunity for computer engineers and scientists to innovate. Prof. Murthy pointed out that Indian scientists are quite capable to handle any threats of Cybersecurity. Mr. Desai pointed out that getting the first customer is the most difficult task of any digital entrepreneur and one has to pivot several times to discover the customers for his product or service. Digital entrepreneurship is a journey of continuous learning. To succeed in this journey soul search digital entrepreneurs have to partner with others with complementary skill sets. According to Mr. Desai the most common security frauds happen due to customers’ ignorance. Digital device users’ awareness is the best antidotes of Cybersecurity.
The key takeaways of the conference are:
  • (1) Digital revolution is unstoppable;
  • (2) The disruptive power of this potent of digital technology is the hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • (3) Those who will fail to adapt or reposition themselves in digital world will remain isolated and eventually die;
  • (4) Worldwide digital entrepreneurs are number one job creators;
  • (5) No industry will neither escape nor survive without opting for digital transformation;
  • (6) Incubation and innovation centers are the nurseries or backyards of digital entrepreneurship; and finally;
  • (7) If Presidency University wants to be a power house or repository of digital talents, it must have Centers of Excellence in Incubation and Innovation for Digital Entrepreneurship. Knowledge of digital entrepreneurship is grossly incomplete and indispensable to survive and thrive in this digital landscape. To fast forward our learning about the various facets of Digital Entrepreneurship, we must meet annually in the forum of International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship till we know every bit of it.
Therefore, SOM decided to conduct the second international conference on Digital Entrepreneurship in March 2019.
The proposed theme of the 2nd International Conference would be “Digital Entrepreneurship: Platforms, People, Process and Technology“ in a wider scale and space. The beauty of this conference lies in its diversity of opinions, viewpoints and regional experiences. I am sure participants of next conference will find it interesting and exciting and thought provoking and will continue to encourage entrepreneurs and researchers to share their thoughts, experience and concerns for building a better tomorrow.

Swapan Kumar Majumdar

Conference Chair


    Conference Chair:

Professor Swapan Kumar Majumdar
   Presidency University, Bangalore 

Conference Co-Chair: 

Professor Amiya Boumik
Lincoln University College, Malaysia
[email protected]

    Conference Chief Convener :

Dr. K. Krishna Kumar, HOD, School of Management,
Presidency University,9986999098

    Conference Conveners:

Dr. V Gajapathy (86820 22965);
Dr. Pratika Mishra (96431 03117);
Dr. Akhila Udupa (98809 38521)
Dr. Pramod Kumar Pandey (9871316239); 

    Organizing Secretary: 

Dr. Rosewine Joy(98863 85584) ;
Dr. Balanagrajan(89514 07458);
Mr. Sanjay Kumar(98484 56868);
Dr. Arabinda Bhandari(76193 73973);

Track Coordinators:

Track 1:

Dr. Chithambar Gupta
(97406 41820)

Track 2:

Prof. Leena George
(81239 17990)

Track 3:

Prof. Vrinda V Nair
(98863 96473)

Track 4:

Dr. Nalin Kumar C
(98865 05604)

Advisory Board:

    Dr. Chetan Srivastava
Associate Professor, School of Management Studies
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad, India

    Prof. D P Goyal
Professor Information Systems
Management Development Institute
Gurgaon, India

    Mr. J.Jagatheesh Jayanand
Learning and Knowledge Management
Bengaluru, India

    Dr.L.Jyothish Kumar
Additive Manufacturing Society of India (AMSI)
Bengaluru, India  

    Prof. M H Bala Subrahmanya
Professor, Department of Management Studies
Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru, India

    Prof. Pramod Pathak
Professor, Department of Management Studies
Indian Institute of Technology (ISM)
Dhanbad, India

    Dr.P.S. Venkataramu
Dean Academics
Presidency University
Bengaluru, India

    Dr. S P Sharma
Chief Economist
PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
New Delhi, India  

    Dr. C.S. Ramesh
Dean Research
Presidency University
Bengaluru, India

    Dr. C. Prabhakar Reddy
Dean School of Engineering,
Presidency University
Bengaluru, India

    Dr. K Krishna Kumar
HOD-School of Management
Presidency University
Bengaluru, India

    Dr. Sapna S,
Dean, School of Law,
Presidency University
Bengaluru, India  

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